Living As Appreciation

We trust this is finding its way to you at just the perfect moment. There are so many perfect moments throughout each day if we slow down enough to notice how subtle or not so subtle they can be!

For instance, the willow tree outside the True Divine Nature office window was scheduled to be inspected for a “little haircut” (pruning). The day before the appointment, a giant chunk of the tree came crashing down. Self-pruning complete. It landed in my favorite spot where I’ve been enjoying the summer sun. Even with adrenaline pumping from the surprise of the loud crack and crash that sounded like everything was coming down, I was able to appreciate that the fence was magically untouched, and so was I. Profound gratitude for life. It is far too wise and miraculous to be understood.

I then, of course, couldn’t help but hug the willow and tell “her” “I love you” and cheered her shedding of layers. Her tree spirit is so palpable and strong. Matt and I have always felt like she’s energetically anchoring a vortex. We are blessed by her beautiful branches, canopy of leaves, and peaceful grace.

Let us not wait for things to crash in life, or illnesses to arise, or dramatic change to happen before we drop into appreciation. Can we appreciate right here, right now, all that is present in life? Can we appreciate how life dances as the miracle of a baby’s tiny toes, the exuberant wagging of a dog’s whole back end when it sees you, the deliciousness of a berry, the uplifting funny text from a friend just when your spirit cried out for it, whatever amount is in your bank account, and how you are supported in so many seen and unseen ways?

May whatever shows up in our lives, and however it appears or feels in the emotional range, be a reminder of the expression of Divinity in form. May we wrap our arms around one another with compassionate hugs of love. May we know the preciousness of every breath and remember that the soul came here for the full spectrum experience of life. Whether or not it never, sometimes, or always feels special or mundane, life undeniably and inevitably continues to show us our interconnection and its miraculous nature.

We are miracles. We are surrounded by blessings. May we feel them with our heart.