Life is a Vision Quest

Written June 28 2017

LIFE is the ultimate vision quest that unfailingly does its job so well -- bringing us home to the deepest truths in the Universe. We are always walking with ourselves even as the landscape of our reality appears to change. People, places, things -- all arise, subside, and shift over time. We, however, are our steadiest companion in Truth.

Be WILLING to walk alone. That doesn't mean we are alone, or that we will always be alone. It's often in the aloneness that the connection to all that is -- dawns. It's in aloneness that we realize we are never really alone. It's in aloneness that the light of awareness points to the unity of all.

May I love my own heart more, not less as I walk through the mystery of the unknown.

May I be my own best friend and lover with every breath.

May I hold my own hand as I walk through the fire and fears that burn up all that isn't me. 

Our inner strength and immovable core peace are indestructible.

Om Namah Shivaya.

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