Life Includes It All

Written January 7 2019

You know I’m not just “one note.” You’re not either. In order for healing and evolution to take place, life includes everything. I don’t JUST talk about the fun and happy parts. It’s important to include the dark, sad, hard, frustrating parts of life.
Us lightworkers are here to be real and true; to live fully with nothing to hide. Part of my work as a healer is through inspiration, storytelling, and embodiment of the yogic path.
Every day I’m working my body toward my upcoming kitesurfing training in Mexico in a few weeks. I’m the strongest I’ve been in the past 5 years as I recover from a journey of mystery chronic illness (fatigue, nervous system issues, gut repair, heavy metal overload). Suddenly, in the past few weeks, with the most severe episode being last night..I’m reacting to food again. After dinner at a restaurant I was headachy, super dizzy from my heart racing so fast, and my lungs were frightfully tight. I was feeling vulnerable as my cousin looked at me from across the table and asked if I was alright.
I used to go through that on a regular basis 1.5 yrs ago until I really worked to heal the gut. It was completely random...even with my “safe foods.” It would often happen right before I went on stage and Matt (my biz partner at that time) and I would be sweating through whether or not I was going to pass out or have to go to the hospital. Thankfully I never did. I could have gotten all up in my head and scared about what this means for kitesurfing and worried about the future, or depressed about a backslide, but this somehow felt different. There was a strength underneath it all that didn’t used to be there. I focused on that. The body says there’s more rebuilding to happen. And it’s time to love the one who is re-experiencing this again. It’s time to love the mind through its fears.
It feels like a parallel with the kitesurfing...keep going. While highly unpleasant, uncomfortable, and inconvenient as last night was (I waited until I could safely drive), my face is toward the wind, and I am still smiling. May we get up again and again each day. Love knows the way.

Always love and compassion,


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