Let Life Surprise You

Written October 16 2018

Each day is a great day to appreciate life’s blessings and to express gratitude. I am grateful to this man, right here. Meet Tom Kellock. He is a Grammy award-winning musician/composer known for doing music for the PBS “Over” series (“Over Washington” etc...), for films, being the musical director for Teatro Zinzanni, touring with the band Heart, and so much more... including his work with me! We have worked on guided meditation projects with each other since 2004. We’ve grown and stretched each other over the years. He’s taught me more about music and collaboration, and I have taught him more about intuition, pacing, and sound healing. His wife is a yoga teacher, so he gets it. I visited him last night at the El Gaucho restaurant in Bellevue where he plays the piano every Friday, Sunday, and Monday nights. He knows I love the Beatles, so when I walked in the restaurant, the rest of the evening became a medley of all Beatles all the time.

It was my sheer delight to deliver to him a surprise royalty check from a meditation project we did together 14 years ago. Our 5 CDs we did for Peak Potentials/Success Resources training continue to make their way around the globe internationally to touch hearts in Australia, UK, France, Germany, Japan, Poland, Taiwan, Malaysia, Philippines, Vietnam, Brazil, Singapore, India....

When we took on the project, neither of us could have imagined the amazing ride it’s been. Life truly does surprise us in miraculous ways when we listen, trust, and take steps in the direction that we are most deeply called.

Life is inherently good and we deserve to know it, taste it, and live it in every breath. So grateful for all you fellow travelers along life’s path. Thank you for being here just as you are with your hopes, dreams, passions, and curiosities!

Let’s have some fun while we are here taking this ride on planet Earth!!



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