Just Have a Good Poop, Will Ya?!

Bless us all and our busy minds, we can overcomplicate things. When our nervous systems get overstimulated in the do-do-do of our day; we can find comfort in returning to the simplicity of life.

Sometimes what can provide us the simplest relief from out of control emotions in ourselves, or weathering the storms of someone else’s energetic outburst, can be as simple as stopping – taking a deep slow breath, a nap, drinking more water, or having a good poop. Yes, I said “poop!” It is of the utmost cosmic importance!

Solar flares aside, full moons aside, it can become so very obvious in ourselves and others when there is a lack of flow, some serious constipation, some liver congestion – backing up the ol’ digestive system. When we are dry, pushing, and straining with so much effort and little “results” it can be a stress so subtle that we overlook its messages for us.

When we find ourselves being all heated up over the tiniest things, pointing fingers of blame, and being unexpectedly or uncontrollably all grouchy-pants, sour-faced, and spewing sewage all over our loved ones, that’s a great time to love our liver and bring more awareness to having a good elimination. 

Increasing our water intake to 8-10 glasses of water (specifically lemon water for detoxification support), doing a GENTLE liver detox, abdominal and liver massage, chanting to and saying “I love yous” to the liver and gall bladder, and doing everything to encourage our bodies to eliminate often, easily, and fully can clear the cobwebs of brain fogginess and calm the grouchies almost immediately. After the holding, contraction, and effort, there is the sweet space of release and relief. Each release reminds us how good it feels to let go into life and be more comfortable in the body. More space is created both literally and figuratively.

Having a more joyous, blessed spiritual journey that uplifts you and those around you, vs. taking down everyone in your path on your way to somewhere else deemed “higher and greater,” literally CAN be as easily soothed by a good poop. I’m certainly not saying it will seemingly solve all perceived problems and create world peace, but it just might! It absolutely can contribute to seeing life more clearly, harmoniously, and lovingly while greeting whomever and whatever circumstance appears in your reality. And, you might just find that you are then being nicer to yourself and others, in the process!

Haven’t you encountered at least one person just in this past week (yourself or someone else) whom you thought, “They just need to release some of that crap.” If they’d only have a good poop, we’d all feel better. They seem to be experiencing some liver (the organ associated with expression of anger) and emotional congestion.

Babies are little wise ones who point to this all the time. They cry when they are tired and need a nap, when they are hungry, and when they need to eliminate. When they get sleep, eat, and have a good poop, the crying stops. As adults, we often forget the simplicity of this, and basic functioning of experiencing life through a human body.
Can we embrace our simple roots and give our time, attention, and loving support to these precious, innocent bodies of ours for the well-being of all? As an act of loving-kindness, let us listen deeply and intuitively, and pay attention to our body’s requests and basic needs to operate the most harmoniously as a vessel of consciousness.
Let our literal and metaphoric constipation, bursts of anger, a barrage of vehement judgments, a truckload of criticism, and internal shaking be the alarm systems that remind us once again how to return to love and the simplicity of self-care. Can we see that someone’s flared up emotions, verbal attack, or explosion of a reaction that doesn’t match the situation is just another cry for more love, not less?

As we care for this body and love this heart, may that blessing ripple across the fabric of time and space in all realities to touch, heal, and soothe all hearts.

Wishing you happy, smooth poops for the benefit of all humanity and world peace,
Julie Dittmar


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