It's About So Much More Than the Shoes

Written July 10 2018

Two years ago, Matt Kahn and I were on a speaking tour in California and in between cities, we were doing some exploration of the various towns. We came across a sweet little shoe shop with this pair of amazing "Spring Step - L'Artiste" shoes. I immediately loved them. I so appreciated their creative design and artistry. I tried them on, but then shared with Matt that I was a bit sad that given (at that time) the state of my health, that I couldn't walk in them. They felt like "wishful thinking shoes." Given the virus load in my body, extreme fatigue, and my collapsing legs, it wasn't safe for me to wear anything like them. They would require steadier balance. I had been falling all the time. I was prepared to put the shoes back on the shelf.

He suggested I buy them anyway and said, "Buy them, and then celebrate being able to (at some point) dance in them!" So I did, and I brought them home and kept them in view to inspire me. Some people might look at them over time in despair, saying "Why can't I walk in them yet? Why isn't this healing happening on my timeline? I want to walk in them now." I looked at them and didn't know when the day would come when I could wear them, but they gave me hope. In the meantime, I just admired and appreciated them as art.

I figured since I already handled walking on a sailboat this week, it was time to break out the red shoes. So last night, after what felt like two very long years, I finally took the red shoes out for a spin. I even bought a new dress to go with them. The sailing club had a red, white, and blue meeting and dance, so I thought, "Why the heck not? THIS is the night!" It was a joyous occasion and only I knew what I was celebrating. With each compliment I received on my shoes, I smiled. Oh they had no idea the winding journey to that blockbuster, pivotal moment.

I then took myself out for dinner afterwards and there was a lovely couple sitting next to me. The woman gasped when she saw my shoes and gushed over them. We chatted, and then her husband joined in. They shared with me the story of their incredible 18 year romance and I was uplifted and inspired by their love. She told me how she's such a busy mom, but really could use more girlfriends in her life. She said she was thrilled the shoes had brought us together in a lovely connection as instant friends.

The red shoes are a story about love, faith, hope, trust, huge patience, and Divine connection. What is a celebrated victory for one, is celebrated for all -- together as One. What is a blessing for me, is a blessing for you. What is healing in one, is healing in all.

Every step we take, delivers us right into the exact perfect place we are meant to be at the perfect time. We arrive no sooner or later than we are meant to.

May we take those steps with gratitude for all that is.


(thanks to the Hotel Ballard in Seattle for helping me out with a few of these photos)

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