It All Starts with that First Step

Written October 17 2018

What can you do today to take steps in the direction of your dreams? Any step that moves you with intention. In order for me to kitesurf, I know there are many things to learn to do it safely and have fun. I love speed and heights, but the biggest thing for me to work through is being in the water away from shore. Sometimes fears are from childhood experiences in this life, or carry overs from past lives—visceral memories that get lodged in our cells.

While I love heights, I’m aware they might terrify others. For kitesurfing, I need to get comfortable being in water where my feet no longer touch the bottom...and be good with whatever creatures are in there with me. So, in dedication to my heart’s desire, I took the first step in what freaked me out the most. My mind said,”This is crazy! You’ve never done a sport before. You’ve never broken a bone or had a hurt from a paper cut, how are you going to do this? What if you drown, get run over by a boat, eaten by a shark, or stuck in the trees?!” That’s what the mind does. It wants to be helpful and protect us. But intuition is stronger. The heart pulls us forward beyond the monkey mind chatter.

My yoga practice became buying a wetsuit and getting in the lake. After working myself up to it for days, I was surprised that I actually wasn’t terrified. I was fascinated by the buoyancy of the suit, at total peace bobbing with the lake and view of Mt. Rainier. As I headed out past where I was comfortable, a wave of panic arose. As one would love a child, I gently eased back. I wouldn’t force a scared child to do what they didn’t want to do. I would be compassionate. Just then a kayaker came by. We began chatting and I asked if he could spot me for a few minutes while I went out to my goal point. He was happy to. Life supports us at every turn. It may or may not look like we think it should, but it’s always there. Every step—big or small toward something we wish to experience—is a success! Can you let yourself live beyond whatever you thought was possible yesterday so you can be your most alive self today?



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