How To Handle Those Tense Moments Waiting For "Good News or Bad News"

You only know the truth about any moment in the moment that you are meant to know it. Until then you simply just don’t know. So, how can you be, breathe, and feel your way through the period of time where you’re waiting for more answers and a light to help shine the way out of the forest of the unknown?

This question might apply to waiting to hear if a far away friend or loved one has made it through a particularly dark depressing time, addictions, thoughts of self-harm, getting a health diagnosis, coming out the other side of a surgery, or has one way or another been skating that line between this world and the next.

The mind might try to stay busy and run around looking for reasons, justifications, answers, and speculate all the possible outcomes of a certain desperate situation. It does this because it is trying to be helpful to either prepare you for upcoming pain, or figure out a way to avoid it.

If your mind is able to concoct, conclude, conspire, consider, and entertain the worst-case scenario, in the quantum field of possibility, it is equally feasible to imagine, dream, manifest, and anchor the best-case scenario.

So why not imagine the BEST outcome?

Which way feels better in your body and is the best use of your time and energy as you wait for more information and the truth is revealed? Which option sends more good vibes in their direction – worry, or care? Which one do you think they’d want you to feel? Do you think they’d want you to feel stress and suffering, or peace, calm, ease, positivity (not dependent on outcomes), and love?

What if news and life circumstances weren’t judged or categorized as “good” or “bad”? What if we simply responded to what is in front of us with a “This is happening”? How would your life then feel? What if life is just the flux and flow of energy from here to there?

That is a question designed to pull the camera lens from the micro to the macro. Both are worthy of consideration in such a critical “in-between” time.

The mind’s usual MO is to take what’s in front of us and define it one way or another. How we see, perceive, and interpret the world around us then tells our body how to respond.

If we see something and say, “That’s horrible, it shouldn’t be like that,” it sends signals to the body to respond with stress hormones. If we see something and say, “That’s great, that’s wonderful, it’s good,” then our pleasure receptors wake up.

As we await word on the flux and flow of the energy of life, it’s also helpful to keep in mind, of course, that the best-case scenario may not match our wants and desires, or even theirs. How could we truly know what's "Best" when we generally only see and hold a teensy piece of the complex puzzle?

There is always a bigger picture. Our life thread is connected in the tapestry of life to all life threads of humanity. Sometimes we are meant to stay here and do our work, and sometimes we are meant to continue our work in other realms.

Our being here and not being here are all a part of the fabric of existence. If all of life is the movement of energy in and out of form, can we surrender our grasping a bit and let go into the trust of Life's innate wisdom and flow of consciousness?

How can you remain soft, open, peaceful, hopeful, and loving while you await news of a life-changing outcome? It is in the space of silence and meditation where we can actually tap into that depth of innate wisdom within and around us. Sometimes the only thing to do is to just sit, be still and quiet, and listen.

After all, you don’t know how you will be in the moment that the news arrives until you are actually in that moment. You can be fully present in this moment of the unknown, or plan and rehearse for a future moment (“this is how I would react”).

But how you really will respond will play out exactly how it is meant to when it arrives. That’s how every moment is. Every birth and every death (of anything…a person, an idea, a belief, a project) has its own perfect timeline. There can be just as much purpose to something being on the planet just a few hours or days, or 120 years.

Along our soul’s path of evolution, may we cherish every precious breath and every being we encounter.

May we forgive and release ourselves and others from the bondage of pain, guilt, shame, and suffering. Let us just love another for as long as we have together in this form.

Love only knows love. Whatever the question – more love, not less is the answer. Love knows the way. 

If you could use more love, not less in your life today, please join me in the “I love yous” to your own heart.



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