5 Tips to Relax, Unwind and De-stress Your Day

The mind likes to make things complicated and harder than they need to be to convince itself how bad, wrong, or stuck it is.

Why on Earth would it do that you ask?!!

Because it subconsciously is keeping patterns alive of "I'm so used to this stress and not feeling good enough about myself" in the body and mind. Feeling complication can be more familiar to us sometimes than the openness, relaxation, and ease of simplicity.

We default to what is most known and familiar even if it keeps us spiraling in negativity, hopelessness, and farther apart from things that make us actually feel good!

How do you turn the boat around to recognize and embrace simplicity?

Oh there are are SO many juicy options available to us!

1) Slow down. Move the body more slowly, consciously, and mindfully. Try walking into the grocery store more slowly.....show your body it doesn't always have to be pushed, rushed, or stressed. It creates space in the mind for something new, and unwinds the overworked, overstimulated nervous system.

2) Bring your attention to your breath. Draw the breath in through your nose slowly and evenly. Pause, then exhale slowly and evenly through the mouth. Many cycles of that...just simple, easy breathing sends signals of rest and balance to the body and mind.

3) Look at nature. Watch the waves of the lake or ocean lap the shore. Watch a leaf fall from a tree. Watch a squirrel run across the lawn, or a bird sing a song. Watch a flower in the sunshine. For a moment, let that become your entire world. It is uncomplicated.

Nothing in nature is reviewing the past, or worried about the future. Nothing in nature feels like it has to go “work on itself to be good enough or sparkly enough” to deserve its place on the planet and in anyone else’s life. It just shows up and goes with the flow. The tree bends in the wind this way and that.

4) Whether you feel like it or not, whether you are “in the mood” or not….make it a practice to love, bless, and wish everyone and everything in sight nothing but wellness, happiness, abundance, and success.

The frequency and energy of positive, supportive well wishes, raises your own vibes and those around you. You feel lighter, and suddenly others are wondering why they feel so good in your presence.

It is a practice that builds new neural pathways in the brain that instruct the body to relax and heal, and simultaneously invites and attracts to you the goodness you are putting out into the world.

5) You want a simple life? Just love. No. Matter. What. Everyone and everything. Unconditional love is just that. Don’t wait to love yourself or others for when everything is all perfectly sweet, happy, and harmonious.

Love yourself and others when we are falling apart, messy, feel unlovable and unworthy. Especially then. Love when it is risky and scary.

“What if my heart gets rejected, smashed, and broken?” That is not a question love asks because it is too busy holding and loving the one who is asking that question!

Don’t wait for the perfect wind to hoist your sails and sail your boat. Stick the bow of the boat out there and go find that wind, that current, even the teeniest pocket of a subtle breeze that propels you forward. When you find it, you instantly feel the ease, the simplicity.

Reach toward it, beautiful sailor and it will reach back for you. 


Here are some great meditations to enhance and support your journey of relaxation and renewal. You are so very loved. 


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