Heartfelt Terms of Endearment

Written February 5 2018

Sincere terms of endearment. Sweet words of vibrational goodness....may they be like honey; like nectar on the lips of the Divine in form. May we speak them to ourselves and others as loving encouragement and support. May we speak them to acknowledge, feel, and connect with the hearts of those around us.

"Oh honey bunny, I'm so sorry." "Oh sweetness, how wonderful." "Oh beautiful one, I hear you." "Hello, love."

How often I speak to my own heart this way, and to the beloveds who appear before me is showing life and the Universe how I wish to be loved and spoken to with heartfelt authenticity.

Nothing untrue or fabricated, just sweetness bursting forth from the lips of compassion and loving-kindness.

Om shanti, dear one.

You are so very loved,
Julie Dittmar

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