Giving the “Benefit of the Doubt”

Written February 11 2016

This blog post was prompted by Matt Kahn’s quote, “If the world stopped for just one moment, and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, global peace would be attained.”

In this particular life and body, you have so many minutes, hours, years, and energy to live as spirit in human form. So why not use that energy to love everyone and give them the “benefit of the doubt”? Why assume the worst and that “the system” or people are out to get you? Is that really what you want to feel and have more of in your life?

Which way of living feels better in your body – open and trusting, or fearful and distrusting? Why not assume everyone in life is loving and has the best of intentions in all of their words and actions, no matter how your mind chooses to interpret what you see and hear? What if you see life through the lens of “Everything is here to serve and support me. Everything is a gift.”

One way of living brings a higher vibration into the cells of your body for good health, expands and uplifts your energy field, and contributes to your attraction of greater abundance and experience of happiness, while the other does quite the opposite.

Blaming and complaining internally, externally, online, or offline, anchor more negativity in your life. If you want a different experience of life – try loving what arises, and offer everyone and everything “more love, not less.” Perhaps the way to better embrace the circumstances at hand is to love however you are responding to it. Whether you are giving someone the benefit of the doubt, imagining that everyone is out to get you, or trying to lead a lynch mob of righteousness, unhappiness, and displeasure, we all deserve more love, not less. Everyone is doing the best they can. No matter what you think, if they could do better, they would.

Each day may I dedicate my life over and over again to opening, trusting, laughing, and loving. Please join me for your own health, happiness, and as a blessing for all hearts everywhere.

Love & blessings,

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