Friends in All Forms

Written May 9 2018

Some days it can feel like sitting on the set of the "Friends" sitcom and wondering where all your friends are?? Friends are all around us -- known and unknown. Sometimes our friends are busy across town or around the world, but they are thinking of us, as we think of them.

Sometimes there are friends we haven't met yet, but who are about to enter the next scene of our lives. We might meet them in the most unexpected places or in the very next breath.

Some friends are exiting our lives as we make life transitions and embrace the constant of change.

And then there are those unseen friends we will never see. They plant beautiful flowers along our daily walk for us to enjoy. They leave the parking sticker with an extra hour's time on it for us to find. They "pay it forward" in creative and kind ways, and don't stick around to see the smile and heart glow it inspires in us.

Friends come in so many forms. Humans, feathered or furry ones. Land or water. Dogs, cats, fish, dolphins, a mouse, a butterfly. For a moment, or forever, we never know when the next gift of friendship will arrive. This is one of the many gifts of life.

In love & friendship always,

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