Everything Is a Gift, and Is Here to Serve You

Written August 23 2015

If your mantra is “Why me?” “Why can’t you do ________ (fill in the blank) more to my liking?,” "I think you need to do this," maybe it’s time to adopt something else that feels better in your body.

Instead of living an insufferable life with a pile of personal preferences in a reality where everything seems to fall short and never measure up, and negativity and chronic, insatiable dissatisfaction gets projected in any and every direction, there are other healthier, happier, and more fulfilling choices we can make right now to free ourselves and those around us.

In a world of infinite choices there are always many ways to go with this. You could explore Matt Kahn’s teachings, “Everything in life is a gift, and is here to serve me.” Or you can try on, “The Universe supports me with everything that comes my way.” "Everyone and everything is here to wake me up to my highest and greatest potential in life."

It may or may not feel like your Ultimate Truth just yet, but said often enough and truly committed to, it moves to the top of the mind's playlist shuffle, and rewrites subconscious patterning. Soon, the overactive and overstimulated nervous system gets the signal to unwind, the body relaxes, the clenched jaws around everyone's pant legs release, and there is a softening into the Divine flow of the higher wisdom of life.

"Life doesn't have to go my way, in order for me to be happy," says Matt Kahn. Truly. If you take the time to slow down, and with mindfulness, really notice the depth of that, your life can change.

Life can go just as life does, without "my say" in it, without my trying to coerce or control any part of it, and it seems to do just fine in its destined perfection. When my heart wakes up to this, I know myself, I know peace, I know LOVE.

What do you want to anchor MORE OF in this life? More things to complain about and feel nasty, frustrated, and irritated by? Or do you wish to feel relaxed, happy, supported, abundant, and healthy?

If there is a long-standing, very engrained pattern of complaining, trying on something more positive can absolutely feel like turning around the Titanic. But it’s worth it. Instead of drowning in icy waters of a cold, closed heart, with every ounce of appreciation expressed, every blessing shared, and every “I love you” uttered, you head toward the promise of dry land, where abundant, more joyous, welcoming adventures await your arrival.

Welcome home, beautiful One, welcome home,
Julie Dittmar

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