Empowered Choices for Our Health

Written May 18 2016

Gone is the day and age of unconsciously giving our power away to healthcare practitioners and doctors for what is best for our body. We can love and appreciate them and their expertise and care, while we follow the wisdom of our own heart. So often I hear “They put me on this medication.” “They told me to do this or that, and I’m doing it even though I really don’t want to.” Can we listen, discern – using our own intuition, and make a decision from an empowered place of conscious choice, “The doctor suggested this, it felt right, and I chose it.”

If we feel good about our choices and are coming from a place of strength and empowerment, what are the odds at the body (and inner child) will feel safe enough to relax and actually heal?

Now is the time and paradigm for deeper listening to the wisdom and technology of the body. If we are feeling resistance and repulsion pulling us away from a doctor, a procedure, a protocol, there is a reason. Let us listen to the body. If being in a certain doctor’s presence has you feeling anything less than hopeful, optimistic, supported, cared for, and like this person is a positive part of your healing team, it is time to move on.

You have the right to choose a doctor that is both kind and responsible with your body and supports the decisions YOU make for yourself no matter what they are. You have the right to choose a doctor who is also providing sensitivity and care with your psyche. You have the right, in the presence of a doctor you may have previously give your power to – to take it back and choose anew. This moment is fresh and new and allows to you always choose as you wish.

If someone on your healthcare team is pushing a personal bias or agenda, is pressuring you for “the sale,” or saying things that feel emotionally traumatizing, damaging, and rooted in perpetuating fear or “power over you”, and is psychologically irresponsible (“This will never get better, it will only get worse”, or “If you don’t do this….”, or is verbally attacking you and the other healing methods you have chosen to complement their preferred modality and medicine) – please let your sweet heart know that you can choose differently in the next moment. You are not bad or wrong for doing so. You are supporting your highest and greatest health and healing by doing so and giving your body the chance to respond accordingly to your newfound empowered support, deeper listening, self-love, and care.

When you give yourself the power to choose from a place of confidence, excitement, and “this is what’s best for me,” you then remind yourself how abundant you are.

You are abundant in cellular and body wisdom, blessings, and sometimes, just need a loving nudge of a reminder that says “This is YOUR life, you get to choose.” There are no wrong choices for your journey – just different paths of experiences with different life lessons.

May we always know how loved and supported we are by our Higher Self and the Universe, and enjoy the freedom to be as we are, choose as we wish, and to love what arises in us at every turn.

Peace, love & freedom,
Julie Dittmar

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