Doing Whatever the Moment Calls For

It's good to circulate new, fresh, different energy in our lives. Many people in my life know I tend to "keep musician's hours." My body has resonated the most with being a night owl.

HOWEVER, I love to live life as "I am a whatever I need to be in moment kind of person." You will never hear me say, "Oh, I'm not a morning person, etc." Even if you don't usually see me awake in the morning. I say "Yes" to life!

So, when I was invited to sit in on some of the BJ & Migs MORNING SHOW this morning, of COURSE I said yes to watching them do their thing! BJ & Migs host their radio show from 5:30-10:00am on Seattle's KISW "The Rock." God bless 'em for getting up that early to do what they do to entertain every day. That's passion; that's love.

Having started my career in radio, and having a deep of love being behind the microphone, it was such a joy for me to be at a radio station again. I kind of feel it run through my veins.

Thanks to BJ Shea, Migs, Vicky, Chris, Sara, Joey, Danny, The Rev, and everyone else I met for giving me such a warm welcome. Shhh, don't tell anyone, but they all are really nice!
You have this life to live. Explore, feel, play, live it up! Life is a cosmic playground, it's time to ride all the rides!

Let's smile and enjoy the ride,


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