Dogs Are Incredible Teachers

Written October 9 2018

I was so excited to have my reunion with Albus “the wonder dog!” He showered me with some good licks and made sure my lap was filled with his warm softness. His people are back from from their wedding and honeymoon adventures, so they are all one big happy family now!!! 

Dogs are some of the most amazing teachers....demonstrating various levels of patience, anticipation, carefree wild abandon, and love. Unless they’re blatantly doing something they know is a “no-no,” they really don’t get hung up on other people’s opinions. They’re too busy strutting their mutt to care to much about what others think. How freeing is that? Just onto the next thing to sniff, explore, and play with that inspires the biggest tail wag of a day! We wish you a day filled with much care, but free of all the “what if” concerns. May today be the equivalent of the off-leash area of the dog park!

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