Consciousness in Everything

Written July 15 2018

There is consciousness in everything I see and everything I am. Life is here in so many incredible, awe-inspiring forms. Many of us on a spiritual path have moved from rigid, guilt-driven religious upbringings to a more inclusive spirituality that somehow feels true and good in the heart and body—where instead of just a building called a “church” with a steeple, there are many, many ways to experience love, faith, trust, and devotion. 

Some may call a canopy of tall, strong, redwood trees, or mountain peaks a cathedral, or being out on the water in a sailboat and at one with the wind and waves—a “religious” experience. Whatever and however we experience the awe of life on planet Earth, may it inspire us to be more kind and loving with one another and all forms of life.

With peace, love & beauty in every breath,

P.S. 9-hour peaceful, healing environmental soundscape videos to support your journey can be found here: Julie Dittmar YouTube channel
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