Conscious Communication in Dating

Written January 17 2018

We all deserve more love, not less. Every single one of us....on all sides of all experiences.

Many of you know as talked about in previous posts, that with the recent changes in True Divine Nature (and more on the way) and being off the road from travels for a time, I have had some delicious, much deserved and cherished time for rest and renewal to recharge my energy. After many years of willingly putting my social life on hold to focus on getting the "Whatever Arises, Love That" messages and our YouTube videos out into the world to serve an awakening humanity and to cultivate a depth of healing and integration within me, I have found myself in a place of now wanting to share with a "special someone" through a relationship. I now have the time, freedom, and flexibility to really open up and dedicate to walking that path with renewed perspective, maturity, understanding, and excitement as the best me I have ever been.

As you know, through the lovely support and encouragement of my girlfriend goddesses, I have ventured into the world of online/app dating. And what a world it has been! I could definitely write a book about the experiences I have had for the past many months!

I will be writing and sharing some of these lovely, amazing, funny life experiences that provide us with more insights and laughs about who we are and aren't as we are dressed up in these human suits and playing various characters in each other's storylines.

I am grateful to have met some incredible and interesting men these past several months. I have cheered and supported who they are and how they show up in the world. I have also met some lost, mixed up, desperate, and even angry souls who are eager to find someone to fill a need, a place, or a role in their lives.

I bless the journey of the awakening man who has one foot in the past of who he used to be, and is stepping forward into the man he'd like to be. I bless him as he is great at giving direct eye contact, but shrinks in my presence and tells me how I'm so much better at certain things than he is ('you're so good with your words") as he wrings his hands nervously in his lap and I feel all his fears and insecurities rise to the surface.

I bless all the men who are unsure of how to navigate appropriate and inappropriate touch on a first date, and how to feel and read energy. I've had to be super direct, clear, and loving in stating my wishes. It's been a great practice of loving-kindness for me to put conscious communication into action for myself and knowing that I am being the perfect person for what he needs in his reality. That can be particularly challenging if you have the "I don't want to hurt his feelings" in your mind. Us sensitive, empathic, intuitive women sometimes can't bear knowing that if we state our true wishes, it could potentially trigger someone to feel pain, rejection, and to shut down. And then we empath that end result when it happens. We know that predictable feedback loop so well.

I have been just so shocked by the boldness of men on a first date who reach out physically to touch me on the knee, or in "being a gentleman" and letting me go in front of them as they put their hand on the small of my back. It's amazing how with a certain energy and intention behind a seemingly simple touch on the back, how personal that space suddenly can become! And they instantly invite me to weekend trips away in the U.S. or abroad. So fascinating.

Bless the men navigating their journey to find a partner to deeply connect with. I wish them true, deep, self-confidence. I wish them the ability to be strong, to be vulnerable, and to be able to really take in a supportive compliment. I wish them more self-love.

Bless the women as they navigate their journey to find a partner to deeply connect with. I wish them the self-worth and confidence to honor their feelings, truth, and body as a temple. I wish them the fortitude to stay strong, encouraged, and to resist the urge to "frequency match" with a frequency that isn't who you are and what you most desire and deserve. I wish them more self-love.

Whether in or out of the "spiritual study partners" of a romantic relationship, we all deserve more love, not less. Every innocent heart is so precious. I feel that and see that more and more so very clearly.....

For now, I am my own soulmate and every other expression of "me" I encounter, returns me to loving my own heart. I am the one who offers myself all the love in the world. And hopefully you offer your own heart the same. We hope some other lovelies will come along and join us in our celebration, of course. That is the beauty of friends, families, and lovers.  

Much love for all beings everywhere.

May we always be the beam of light we came here to be,
Julie Dittmar 

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