Circulate New Energy and Begin Again

Written October 11 2018

Every day is a chance to begin again, fresh and new. Every day gives us the chance to circulate new energy in our lives—to remember, rebuild, to be reborn. What can we do differently in this moment to circulate fresh new energy...the energy of excitement, passion, and enthusiasm? Excitement is the energy of attraction and manifestation. Maybe we try out a new piece of fruit or vegetable at the store that we’ve never eaten before? Or maybe we drive home on a little different route than usual? Or try out a new type of music? Maybe we stop where we’d ordinarily keep on going, or maybe we kept forging ahead where we’d usually stop and cave into our fears?

As an example, I cannot wear dresses ALL the time....I've got to mix things up and circulate new energy. I tried on a wetsuit and booties for the first time. It’s my first step in anticipation and preparation for a new life adventure I have begun to embark on! I’m excited to see how far the healing journey with this body can take me. It feels like riding that edge of crazy, scary, and exhilarating. So I’d say, that’s right in the pocket of a life well lived!! More to share soon. May you find your thrilling “edge,” only to discover life truly has no edges!!

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