Circulate Energy and Get Out of the Box!

We stagnate when we stay in a box of safe, the known, and the comfortable. Today I held a reptile for the first time. Meet Mario, the 20 year-old iguana on the Yelapa, Mexico beach. I’ve done enough “work on myself” over the years to be able to hold him and not have it be a big deal. Of course, it helped that an 8 year-old held him before me! If she could do it, so could I!!! 

I grew up with a father who was deathly afraid of snakes, so my sister and I never got to go inside the reptile house of the zoo when we were kids. I empathed dad’s fears. After all, if the big strong dad of the house feared creatures, there must have been good reasons! Today I decided was the day to choose differently. Mario was a little sweetheart. He was warm and scaly, and I could feel him breathe, and his little heartbeat. I shared some love with him and thanked him for his gifts. Bless us creatures great and small! 

All love,