Cheers to Life's Deliciousness!

Beignets (French doughnut) in New Orleans.... it was an “Eat, Pray, Love” tour all in a few bites!! 

Eat. Fun, delicious food experiences make it a delight to be on this journey in a human body!

Pray. When you finish the beignets, you pray you can live another day to get on that ride again. 

Love. I love that someone came up with this treat and that it’s so yummy. I love the laughter that erupts as the poof of powdered sugar gets on peoples’ faces and clothes. I love that the floor is covered in powdered sugar. I love that Cafe du Monde is open 24 hours. I don’t drink coffee, but it was recommended that I have the foodie experience of the chicory coffee, too. I loved their decaf cafe au lait. I loved how the place was busy so people were getting together as a community of food lovers to share tables and help each other take photos. I love being in a city where the love of food and music so clearly unites us. Let us remember we are a tribe of humanity and that we all delight in so many of the same things that feed the soul!

Cheers to life’s deliciousness. Cheers to peace and love between us all. May we embrace our fellow brothers and sisters.... over beignets and coffee and so much more.

Love to you from the banks of the Mississippi River here in Louisiana! 


#everythingisheretohelpyou (including beignets!)
#whateverariseslovethat (and then eat it!!)


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