Be the Best Earth Ambassador Ever

Written August 15 2017

So much coming to the forefront right now. So much getting healed. Powerful eclipse energies and Mercury is retrograde. Whew, that alone is a lot energetically, right? I'm hearing from so many of you who are personally having old childhood wounds and relationship communication issues come up for deeper resolve. That's in addition, of course, to what is playing out on a larger, collective level.

Sometimes things get stirred up, or broken apart, or come together in order to shift into new consciousness. Sometimes what is so broken needs to have so much light shining on it that it can't help but be seen in a new way and be a catalyst for greater, epic, historic change.

The time is now for more love, not less. It is time to love the one who feels bewildered, frustrated, angered, or in despair. It is time to love the one who feels the anchoring of more unity consciousness, peace, love, community, and hope for humanity to rise above its past places of hurt, blame, and exclusion.

The time is now for more love, not love all hearts in existence, especially those who are hurt and have lost their way in the constriction of pain, and are egoically lashing out in superiority, cruelty, and ignorance.

May all hearts everywhere know how equal all humans are -- we are the same body, the same cells, the same breath, the same beating heart. We all are born naked, and the body dies -- life is constant change and transformation from one form to the next.

May everything in between birth and death be a journey of expanding awareness that takes us deeper into opening our hearts to all the love there is....all the love that we are.

May I be the best Earth ambassador I can be with all my remaining breaths. This is planet Earth, and all are welcome here.

Abundant blessings,
Julie Dittmar

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