Anchoring What You Want to See More of in Your Life

Written August 15 2015

Time spent blaming, finger-pointing, getting frustrated with things not being a certain way ("my" way), stressing out over life's details, stuffing down feelings (or eating them, for that matter), or trying to control a specific outcome is time spent when we could be affirming and anchoring the opposite vibration in our bodies, and in the world.

I affirm and embody the vibration of peace, love, happiness, ease, balance, perfect health, abundance, optimism, hope, faith, and confidence – now. And so it is! I trust that what is unfolding in reality is the perfect outcome and creates the perfect scenario to inspire the highest growth and soul's evolution.

If it was meant to show up any differently than how it currently appears, then it would be that way. In Matt Kahn's words, "How things appear are not actually what things are. It is merely one individual view through the totality of all. No matter how anything is seen, perhaps it only seems this way to me." 

What is here right now is perfect and whole. I welcome it. I thank it. "Thank you for helping me." I am so very blessed. 

Abundant blessings to all,
Julie Dittmar

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