All is Dog

Written August 27 2018

Hello, sparkly ones. As a fellow sparkler of light, let me introduce myself to you. My name is Albus (yes, as in Dumbledore. I know, big name, little dog). While Julie has her hands full with me, I’ll be taking over her blogging for her for the next couple of days here and giving you the poop on what’s up.

You see, I unexpectedly landed in her life and house last night at about 10 pm. She wouldn’t turn down a cutie like me who needed a place to sleep for a few nights. First of all, kudos to her for awesome manifesting and summoning me to her. 24 hours before I arrived, she secretly wished she could dog sit me while my dog parents are off in another country getting married. Plans were all made for me to be elsewhere, however, and Julie had already loved herself through knowing someone else had the honor of dog sitting me, but then as life would have it – that all changed and here I am! Score! I hit the doggie jackpot.

I felt comfortable in her energy and house right away. Within the first five minutes of scouting out the place, I had her eating out of my hand as I laid on her lap on the couch.

But then I wanted to have some fun. I’ll have to say, I kind of delighted in scaring the crap out of her. I stood in her hallway and growled like I thought someone or some “thing” was in her office. I refused to go in that room. It took her a little bit to realize I was actually growling at her Buddha statue she has in her office! Ha! No matter how sweet, calming, and reassuring her words were to me, I made sure I stood my ground and let Buddha know who is the alpha dog.

I growled and barked like it might attack me, until Julie came and put a towel over the Buddha. I finally lost interest and decided sleep was more important. I think it’s a good new look for the statue, because you know, we wouldn’t want the Buddha to get too attached to appearances, anyway. Woof!

Julie went to work on her computer in her office for a bit, and I made sure I squished myself onto her lap between her and the desk. I think she appreciated my body heat and feeling my heartbeat even if I was cutting off the blood to her legs.

I heard it’s her first time ever taking care of a dog by herself. I eased any nervousness by just sitting on her and making the cutest little snoring noises and twitching like I was running through summer meadows. Our first night together. We’ll call it a success. I will see what else I can teach her today. She’s such a great student. I think this is gonna work out just great.

Peace, love, and treats,

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