A New Love, A New Life

Written October 13 2018

There is no time like the NOW to celebrate and appreciate this wondrous, mysterious life! In 21 days I turn 52. If this is how 52 looks and feels, I’ll take it! I’ve never felt more alive and rooted in peace. It’s exhilarating to wake up feeling happy, vibrant, sensual, sexual, pretty, more in love and accepting of this body and all parts of self. Coming out the other side of a 5 year journey of seriously ill health that felt like a huge death, I hardly have words to describewhat it’s like to regain health again. It is so very precious!

A little more than a year ago I barely had the energy to walk across my house. It was an effort to get up out of a chair. My balance and nervous system were so out of whack, my legs were collapsing under me and I was falling. With much support from my healing team, I’m being reborn. Today I go skateboarding for the first time as I prepare my body for my upcoming birthday present to myself. I’ve decided I will embark on the next phase of integration on my spiritual journey—with kite surfing training! Sure, it only requires all the things that have been most challenged in my life the past 5 years, and yet, I am absolutely certain of this direction with so much passion, joy, and love in my heart!

I’m not out on the water yet, but am already in awe of the powerful, poetic journey that has begun to unfold. It’s deep water, and I’m grateful. I’m ready to kite dance! I share this out of complete awe at what’s possible in life. It’s always worth staying tuned to see what story is being written on the other side of a solo vision quest and dark night of the soul. I say this to inspire those who’ve wanted to exit an uncomfortable journey in the body and mind. There is always more to your story. Can you stay with it to let the most epic chapters to be written on your behalf? We are so worth it! 

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Thank you goddess Jessica Keener Photography for your art and inspiring me to play and express my newfound freedom!

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