What Puts Wind Under the Wings of Your Passion?

Written October 3, 2018

What gives your dreams their lift? What gives wings to your passion? What gives you that bubbly feeling of excitement in your gut, heart, and every cell of your body? What starts on the inside as a voice that says “Yes! I want to do that, try that, go there, and feel that?!!” And then, even if feeling small and scared and unsure how it will turn out,…

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Fierce Grace in Death

Written September 13, 2018

Death has touched the life of two of my friends in the past couple of days. I received the news yesterday from a friend about their close friend's very unexpected death. Then, just today, a friend was with family gathered around his 50 year-old sister as she passed and took her last gentle breath. I had been praying for it to be merciful and filled…

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When Suicide Touches our Lives

Written September 12, 2018

This is the second time this year that a friend of mine has lost a friend to suicide. She was a beautiful woman who struggled with depression and the medicines used to treat it. She was trying to get herself off the medicines. She leaves behind clients in her business, a wide circle of grieving, shocked friends, a 13 year-old daughter, and an ex-husband…

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With Every Breath - A New You

Written September 6, 2018

Whomever you were yesterday is done. Right now is a new moment, a new breath, a new you. If yesterday you gossiped, didn't use the kindest words, found yourself impatient, critical, negative, bossy, judgmental, unhealthy, or stressed -- rest in knowing that today is fresh and new. You can breathe, smile, feel the sun on your face, notice the breeze…

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It's a Tail Waggin' Good Day!

Written August 28, 2018

Good day! Albus the wonder dog here. I am filled with wonder, awe, and a childlike innocence. Every day is a day to explore life from snout to tail!Boy, I gotta tell ya, Julie's got it bad for me - -this unconditional love thing. She loves my sweet heaven-sent scent, my paws, my smile, how good I'm being everywhere with everyone even when it's all new…

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