Our Evolution is the Love Revolution

Written January 23, 2015

Let me not push you away so I “can be more of myself.” Let me not exclude anyone or anything to live a more “spiritual life.” After all, a “spiritual life” is really just as simple as kindness expressed through my words, thoughts, and deeds. It is in how I wash the dishes, walk through the aisles at the grocery store, write an email, open doors for…

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Unsuspecting Gifts On Your Doorstep

Written January 19, 2015

What if freedom is beyond the idea of what you have or don't have? What if you are free regardless of anything physical, and any perceptions that something is being taken from you or given to you? What if whatever seems to come and go in life, has no relation to your Ultimate freedom? What if something you have been so comfortable with and so used to…

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The Sound of Silence

Written January 9, 2015

How much more time would we have in our day if we just listened to others, or only reported on our direct experiences? What could you know about what is really going on in anyone else’s mind or reality? Really you can only know what is happening in your world of perceptions through filters of what the mind “thinks is happening.” What if we spent a…

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