No Rope, No Tug of War

Written July 10, 2015

There's no tug-of-war if one person's end isn't holding the rope. When you are too busy loving the rope holder, there is no war, just passionate righteousness and expression punching at the air. Whatever side of the rope we experience life, may we know we are all the same atoms and molecules around and in-between... and we simply deserve more love,…

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Throughout the “Polishing” of Our Heart, Love Remains

Written May 29, 2015

Sometimes the ego lashes out in judgments, accusations of wrong-doing, claiming the injustice of it all, but when really if seen clearly – it's a misunderstanding that is confusing "I'm not being heard by you" with not getting its way.In the awakening of consciousness, the unraveling of the ego can show up in subtle ways, in life-smashing ways, and…

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“Yeah, But I Already Know That”

Written May 2, 2015

When firmly entrenched in “I know that,” and “Yeah but” – we’re not letting anything new in. I call it “Teflon mind.” The new, mind-altering, life-changing insight comes in, and bounces right off the “Yeah but.” It’s no one’s fault, it’s just a condition. It’s unconscious deflection, a self-sabotaging rejection of something that could be most helpful…

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Walking In Our Own Shoes

Written March 28, 2015

What IF all the time you spend talking about other people and wondering what they would think or say about this or that, or your interpretation of what you think you heard them say, or the time you spend asking others for their input and opinions on your life, your dilemmas, etc. was spent completely focused on loving your own heart, loving others'…

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Seattle Superbowl Sunday: A Reminder to Celebrate Life

Written February 1, 2015

In one of our recent Soul Gathering videos, Matt Kahn talked about how it's great to (for raising vibes of self and planet...) "Celebrate the crap out of everything!" Can we do that during the seemingly spectacular days, and for the "mundane" aspects of daily life? "OMGosh, look how I so awesomely scrubbed the toilet bowl, or picked up trash? Look at…

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