Loving Support for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness - Part 1

Written June 7, 2017

Chronic illness can feel like such a solo, arduous journey. From the moment you wake up, to the moment you have relief in sleep, for months, for years…it can feel like a cruel punishment for something you weren’t let in on by the Universe.It can feel like an endless vision quest….alone in the woods, alone in the darkness, with unseen howling coyotes…

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The Joy of Diversity

Written May 3, 2017

Over the years, I’ve occasionally had people email me to complain and judge me for not being at the same frequency and vibration as Matt. That’s right, I’m not. And we’re both okay with that. That’s why we are a complement to each other. That’s why I am able to be a grounding agent for him and the group at our events. In our first few years of working…

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F*ck Yeah!

Written August 9, 2016

From time to time, the question is posed, “Why does Matt Kahn have to swear in his talks?” Or I hear “I don’t think using curse words is very spiritual or conscious.” Healing sometimes requires Shakti energy, and sometimes Shiva energy. Matt always intuitively serves in whatever way will be received by the most hearts longing to open, to heal, and to…

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Living As Appreciation

Written August 3, 2016

We trust this is finding its way to you at just the perfect moment. There are so many perfect moments throughout each day if we slow down enough to notice how subtle or not so subtle they can be! For instance, the willow tree outside the True Divine Nature office window was scheduled to be inspected for a “little haircut” (pruning). The day before…

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I’m an Earth Angel

Written July 23, 2016

(excerpt from the Angel Academy 6 series) I’m an angel living here on Earth, My heart is open, filled with worth. I have a deep knowing that all is well, My light awakens by cracking this shell. My soul’s in a body, I seem to have form, I’m fine with being me, instead of “the norm.” I came here to laugh, to live, and express, To deliver compliments,…

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