“Yeah, But I Already Know That”

When firmly entrenched in “I know that,” and “Yeah but” – we’re not letting anything new in. I call it “Teflon mind.” The new, mind-altering, life-changing insight comes in, and bounces right off the “Yeah but.” It’s no one’s fault, it’s just a condition.

It’s unconscious deflection, a self-sabotaging rejection of something that could be most helpful for our journey, and perhaps even our long-awaited key of freedom that unlocks us from our mental prisons.

But then there is Divine timing. We open when it’s time. We blossom and flower when the sun, water, and soil conditions are just right.

Sometimes others around us can see our “Yeah buts” before us and there is a little delay while the soul’s journey catches up.

Sometimes, the “Yeah but” ego needs more time to marinate before popping open. Sometimes we are given more time to cultivate awareness.
That’s usually when the question arises, “Why am I losing friends, my money, my job, my health, and all of my security?”

It’s Life taking us by the hand and walking us into the land of humility and faith. It’s the part of the movie that takes place in the vast desert of the unknown. It’s a walk through the land of “I don’t know.” It feels so very alone because we do not yet see all the unknown forces at play in the Universe that are conspiring to love and support us at every turn.

Instead of mere whispers, we get a royal shakedown, a swift invitation to get off our “Yeah buts” and walk into the light of new horizons, just to see how brightly we can shine, and how deeply we can come to know the Love that we are.

Love for the journey and all its exhilarating twist and turns,
Julie Dittmar


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