Life Includes It All

Written January 7, 2019

You know I’m not just “one note.” You’re not either. In order for healing and evolution to take place, life includes everything. I don’t JUST talk about the fun and happy parts. It’s important to include the dark, sad, hard, frustrating parts of life..Us lightworkers are here to be real and true; to live fully with nothing to hide. Part of my work as…

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We Are Nature

Written January 5, 2019

Happy new year and new moon day! It’s lovely to unplug a bit from the devices and EMFs, get nice and grounded, connect with nature’s elements, and soak in some negative ions and oxygen from nature. However you like to reconnect with your soul’s deepest places: hold a rock in your hand, meditate, breathe with a tree, admire the beauty of a flower, take…

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She Believed

Written January 3, 2019

And then she did it again and again. The world smiled, the birds sang, and dolphins chattered with joy..It’s interesting to notice (I wasn’t looking for this), but it’s been hard to people ask me “What’s new?” and I share that I’m going to Mexico to learn how to kitesurf—the men have been the ones quick to warn me of dangers, and every single…

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When You Have No Secrets

Written November 29, 2018

Honesty and vulnerability are so sexy. Deep, real sharing from an open heart (or a sweet innocent heart that wants to open) is so attractive, alluring, and captivating. It has the capacity to draw us closer together in realizing our connectedness as a collective humanity. We can see and feel the universal qualities in our life experiences when we witness…

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It Is Time to Unleash Your Greatness

Written October 26, 2018

You have it all within you. You always have. It's time for you to let it out, and for others to know it, too. It's time for your greatness to be seen, heard, and felt. The impact of your presence on people and the planet cannot be underestimated. For those of us "ESPs" -- energetically sensitive people who've ever been told, "You're too much, too bright,…

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