When You Have No Secrets

Written November 29, 2018

Honesty and vulnerability are so sexy. Deep, real sharing from an open heart (or a sweet innocent heart that wants to open) is so attractive, alluring, and captivating. It has the capacity to draw us closer together in realizing our connectedness as a collective humanity. We can see and feel the universal qualities in our life experiences when we witness…

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It Is Time to Unleash Your Greatness

Written October 26, 2018

You have it all within you. You always have. It's time for you to let it out, and for others to know it, too. It's time for your greatness to be seen, heard, and felt. The impact of your presence on people and the planet cannot be underestimated. For those of us "ESPs" -- energetically sensitive people who've ever been told, "You're too much, too bright,…

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It All Starts with that First Step

Written October 17, 2018

What can you do today to take steps in the direction of your dreams? Any step that moves you with intention. In order for me to kitesurf, I know there are many things to learn to do it safely and have fun. I love speed and heights, but the biggest thing for me to work through is being in the water away from shore. Sometimes fears are from childhood…

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Let Life Surprise You

Written October 16, 2018

Each day is a great day to appreciate life’s blessings and to express gratitude. I am grateful to this man, right here. Meet Tom Kellock. He is a Grammy award-winning musician/composer known for doing music for the PBS “Over” series (“Over Washington” etc...), for films, being the musical director for Teatro Zinzanni, touring with the band Heart, and…

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There is Nothing to Fear and Everything to Love

Written October 15, 2018

You know what it is to have a dream, passion, and joy that shakes up and wakes up your heart. You can taste it, see it, feel it in your bones and every breath. You can feel it excite and enliven every cell of your being. This is a photo from a kitesurfing launch area at a local lake. Intuitively I know, I see, and feel that some day I will have the…

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