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Julie Dittmar is a best-selling meditation guide and mindfulness expert whose work has been featured on PBS. Her combined decades of trainings in yoga, sound healing, and energywork are deeply steeped in shamanic roots that are very grounding, balancing, and relaxing. 

She uses her profound level intuition to infuse her video and audio meditations and soundscapes with specific transformative energetic healing frequencies. Her unique special style of vocal delivery and keen sensitivity to creating experiences that relax and unwind the nervous system all produce dramatic results

Julie is also known for her exuberant warmth and spunky humor in addressing both the joys and challenges of the human journey. Drawing upon the depth of her own personal journey and awakenings out of the dark and into the light (through an 8-year kundalini awakening and chronic illness), she uses her blogs and videos to deeply touch, uplift, inspire, and ignite consciousness in others.

Her extensive background in the healing and expressive arts, theater, dance, and being in a 4-person comedy troupe all gave her the perfect gifts of pacing, timing, and the understanding of how to build and punctuate energy. She knows the importance of levity, sees life as the ultimate art form, and understands what it means to dance solo or as part of an ensemble (the individual and collective journeys).

In addition to her work in the healing arts, Julie has enjoyed a varied career as an award-winning voiceover artist, worked for top radio stations, PR and ad agencies, and at a Pulitzer prize-winning newspaper.

Having been an employee in the corporate and non-profit worlds and as an innovative entrepreneur who has successfully built multi-million dollar companies when told it wasn’t possible, she can relate to the every day reality of a modern day spiritual explorer who just wants to feel stress-free, healthy, abundant, and have fun along the way! She assists joy seekers in remembering their true inner joy, opening up energy channels in the body for greater health, and freeing the soul to express more love and happiness. 

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Vintage Julie

Yes, we all can be as happy as I apparently was as a little girl in Seattle who got a plain blue umbrella for her 5th birthday! Or dancing at a wedding, playing alone in a sandbox, or wearing an orange construction paper hat. Life can be THAT good!

All of life is an artistic landscape. Our words are the paintbrushes.
May each brushstroke be a masterpiece...soft, gentle and kind.

-Julie Dittmar