Private Sessions

Julie Dittmar is a joy guide; a muse. She is here on the planet to ignite your own inner JOY. When you are happier, you find yourself being healthier, more abundant, nicer to yourself and others, and attract pure magic into your life! Intuitively and shamanically guided, a session with Julie may include any combination of: breathwork (pranayama), guided meditations, inquiry, healing through storytelling, sound healing - drumming, rattling, chanting, yoga, or qi gong movement.

She pulls from her vast healer background in viniyoga (gentle and therapeutic), energy healing, sound/vibrational healing, toning and chanting, guided meditation, and awakening to one’s true radiant self so that you can thrive in a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling, balanced life. You may be given “playwork” to explore a mantra, a sound, or a new way of looking at life to try out how it feels to usher in a transformed you.

Your Soul is Here to Shine!

Topics most frequently addressed may include:

  • Expanding and supporting your blossoming creativity and playfulness
  • Anchoring more self-confidence
  • Listening to and honoring the voice of the inner child
  • Stepping deeper into the Divine feminine, bringing out your inner goddess
  • Positive body image
  • Opening to more self-love, self-acceptance
  • Health and wellness balance
  • Manifesting greater abundance
  • Business and marketing success

As your guide, Julie understands the journey of what it takes to move from lack to abundance, to break out of self-hatred into self-love, to go from self-criticism, fears, doubts and shaky confidence, to fearless, joyful exuberant confidence. She deeply knows how to support the journey from chronic illness into wellness. She’s adept at navigating loss, radical shock, and change to rise from the ashes to be a stronger, better version of yourself than you’ve ever imagined was possible.

She truly gets how to survive oneself and one’s own messy, well-intended, but overworking cuckoo mind. She gets what it takes to come out the other side of a massive kundalini awakening, ego collapse, and relentless “Dark Night of the Soul” to emerge happier and more peaceful than ever. She knows what it’s like to come out the other side of health-induced depression and panic attacks. She knows the journey from “I don’t want to be in the body on the planet anymore” to awaken into the light of consciousness to say, “What a gift every breath and day is, and I am so glad to be here.”

Stay close to anything that makes you glad you are alive.
- Hafiz

Where in your life do you want to flourish? Where in your life could you be served by being more grounded and practical in taking conscious action and where could you also be more uninhibited, joyful, and emotionally free? What will it take for you to forgive yourself or someone else? What needs to blossom open in your heart for you to feel safe enough to love and be loved at the deepest, most meaningful level? What is it going to take for you to be healthy, happy, and whole? In what ways do you wish to “Feel Good Now?”

Let’s do this. Tap into Julie’s unique brand of sparkly fairy dust and unicorn energy and let it activate the release of bubbles of bliss in your being. There’s no time like right now for you to open up to all the gifts life is here to share with you and for you to know how amazing you really are!

After you create your account (it’s quick and free – just your name and email) with the FullSlate calendar program you will receive an email with call-in instructions. The calendar program will also send you a couple of email reminders leading up to your session time.

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I schedule my session with Julie Dittmar? 

A: Please click the "Book Your Session" button above to create a free account as a “registered client” (with your email and name) with our FullSlate calendar program.

Once you have created an account with the calendar program, you can access the session schedule 24/7, make changes as needed at any time, and you will also receive confirmations and reminders about your upcoming session time.


Q: Where does the session take place?

A: Sessions are only conducted by phone or Skype. Please ensure you have a private, quiet, uninterrupted space for the entire duration of the session. Please turn off any call waiting features on your phone and make sure your phone's battery is completely charged.


Q: Do I call you, or do you call me?

Please call Julie at the time of your session. Please be on time for your session and make sure you are familiar with the way you are calling in (phone or Skype). We know you are excited to meet with her, but sessions do not start any earlier than your scheduled time.

If you know there is a chance that you may be late, please Contact us in advance by phone or email at the office to see if the day's schedule can accommodate a later start. If you call in later than 15 minutes after your scheduled start time your session will then need to be rescheduled to the next available time slot.


Q: What is your cancellation policy or rescheduling policy for emergencies?

A: Sessions may be rescheduled one time to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, but any sessions cancelled or missed with less than 24 hours' notice will be forfeited.

We require 24 hour advance notice if you need to make a change to your scheduled session time. Please note, if you need to change your session day or time it could mean moving it to several months later, depending on the first available date open for scheduling.


Q: Do you provide an audio/video recording of the session?

A: We do not provide a recording. It’s really the yummiest to remain open to allowing the moment to just unfold as it will, and trust you will retain whatever you receive, and that it will support your greatest soul’s evolution. You’re welcome to take notes or to record the session on your end. However, being in the moment, fully present, and ready to absorb mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually, viscerally, and cellularly is really the best way to move through the experience. Let the waves wash over and through your entire being and consciousness.


Q: When do I pay for my session?

A: Payment is due at the time you book your session. It reserves and holds your session time.




Q: Do you provide refunds?

A: All sessions serve your heart’s greatest passions and your willingness to be present for whatever gifts of expansion that personal growth are here to provide you. To best honor your deepest commitment to yourself and your journey, sessions are non-refundable. So please follow your heart and your own guidance before booking your session to ensure this is truly what your heart and soul align with and are feeling the most excited about right now. Let Spirit dance in your life to reveal life’s true perfection.

If you’re not able to make your session you have the option to transfer your session to someone else. Please Contact our office to change your session to their name and email address.


Q: Do you offer a package of sessions so that I can have multiple meeting times with Julie?

A: Yes, in addition to single sessions, you can book up to 6 throughout the year. Please schedule them at least a month apart.

What Others Are Saying About Experiencing Julie Dittmar:

Full of creativity, beauty, and love,

Julie Dittmar has a gift for engaging large audiences in meditation, sound, healing, and consciousness.

—Christine Stevens

MT-BC, MA, Author, Music Medicine, Healing Drum Kit

I am so grateful to the Divine for Julie Dittmar.

She constantly radiates pure love and is absolutely one of my favorite teachers on planet Earth. She lives and breathes to serve and has touched and uplifted thousands of beings with her teachings on the power of love, her healing presence, and her lovely voice. If I was lost at sea in a row boat without oars, Julie is one person I would definitely want on board with me!


Founder of Spirit Voyage Music, GuruGanesha Band

Julie has a gift

for creating sacred space and powerful experiences for participants to explore their inner depths and discover their own unique beauty. She combines a keen intuition with a sense of humor and joy that is contagious.

—Jessica Joy

LMP, Seattle, WA

Julie Dittmar has a heart of gold! She is one of the most beautiful, uplifting, supportive individuals I know.

She embodies the love and compassion of an angel and the depth of a sage blended with the humor and playfulness that makes anyone she encounters feel "at home". Her gifts of creative expression through writing and speaking are evident in all that shares, and her business genius is unquestioned in my book! She is like a best friend, sister, marketing guru, spiritual mentor and playmate all wrapped in one; someone you can count on and rely upon against all odds!

—Cari Murphy

International best-selling author, award-winning media host, and creator of the Straight Talk for the Soul Series

Julie’s enthusiastic inspiration

has helped me transform one of the most busy and life changing times of my life into the person I am so happy with today. Shall the whole world get a glimpse of her as I have, this place will become the heaven of heavens. I love her forever!

—Thomas Aqwa

Nelson, BC, Canada

I was drawn to connect with Julie as she radiated so much light, grounded in genuine down-to-earth kindness.

I was moved by her spirit immediately and feel a deep sisterhood with her. I appreciate her authentic voice in the world, and am inspired by her shining example of compassion in action.

—Larisa Stow & Shakti Tribe

Los Angeles, CA

She uses meditation and sound healing with the interest of helping all divine souls.

Having experienced her special skills, I adore her with all my heart. She has been so influential in the expansion of my being. She knows that only love is real and she shares this love with all who allow. So, may I suggest that you allow her to share herself with your soul. With great eternal love.

—Rich LaSpesa

Lightworker, Western Regional Sales Manager, Trands USA, San Clemente, CA

Julie Dittmar's sound healing, meditations, chanting, and singing inspire and invoke the radiance in others to come alive.

She is committed to creating a beautiful world for all people and she uses her gifts and talents to bring light into the world. I am deeply grateful for having been blessed with her healing work! Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

—Kelly D.

Writer, Child Care Provider, Seattle, WA

Julie Dittmar radiates love and acceptance.

Whether she’s stopping to pet a dog on the street, leading love affirmations, or supporting someone through any and all aspects of their spiritual growth journey, she brings the love. Both her presence and writings leave me feeling warm and encouraged.

—Ellen Seminara

Owner Sunshine Day Vintage, Portland, OR

Julie has a true gift in sound healing and sacred chant.

In working with her on multiple occasions, I have let go of invisible barriers and old beliefs which has allowed me to naturally become more confident, expressive, and joyful.

—Glenn B.

Tel Aviv

In one of the more amazing synchronistic experiences in my life,

I found myself in the same city as Julie Dittmar at a point when I was looking to heal and grow into the person I wanted to be. Through Julie’s intuitive and loving use of movement and sound, I connected with something bigger than myself and that changed the trajectory of my life. Her exuberance and reverence for Life and her unconditional Love are present in every interaction. Julie has been, and continues to be, one of my spiritual touchstones.

—Mandy Willis

Yogini & Yoga Instructor, Autism Mom, Eugene, OR

Imagine walking in from your reality into a reality of beauty and delight.

This is the love-fueled world that Julie masterfully creates, lives and breathes with her art, meditations, and music. The love and care she puts into her work builds a sweet and solid foundation that becomes soul medicine.

—Pamela Mortensen

Musician & Creative Entrepreneur

Julie Dittmar radiates joy and pure love, and reflects that throughout who she connects with.

She’s able to create a loving and safe space where you feel loved for who you are, allowing your true self to emerge. Her profound message and work help us to embrace our divinity while honoring our humanness; and where vulnerability is seen as a power that creates miracles.

—Moncef Afkir

“Your Divine Uniqueness” Show, Morocco

Julie's passion for chant and sound healing is absolutely infectious.

I've loved listening to her recount her own personal stories of how it's helped her through challenging times. When I've chanted with her it's been so full, real, and rich. She has a special gift for guiding people right to their deepest hearts. I've had such moving experiences!

—Emily B.

Portland, OR

For those wanting real spiritual awakening

with down to earth heart and life experience, then be sure to drink from Julie’s profound insight and wisdom. Her many years as a seasoned guide will help you find the depths of enlightenment, love, and freedom.

—Satyen Raja

Founder of WarriorSage Trainings, Canada