We Cannot See with Our Eyes Another’s Invisible Journey

Written August 17 2015

Sometimes, a way of showing compassion for someone’s journey is to just listen and be curious about their experience. How often we do not truly know what others are thinking or feeling. The super-duper empaths and intuitives are able to do that quite skillfully by reading thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns, but for others still honing their intuitive abilities, that is not the case. 

Instead of projecting what we “think” or “see” onto someone, we can just be with someone and love them through whatever experience they are having. Simply ask how they feel, and be truly present with their answer and their life’s journey as an act of loving-kindness within your own heart. 

Sure, you can look at someone and say “You look great! You LOOK like you’re healthy,” all the while not knowing how unwell or in pain they are on an ongoing basis. Depletion, bodily imbalances, or pain don’t look the same on everyone. Everyone has their own unique bodily ecosystem, and tolerance for physical discomfort. While it may be a well-intended attempt to cheer someone who is going through something invisible to your eyes, hearing, “Well, you LOOK great,” when you don’t feel that way at all can be quite the dichotomy. Having a visual cue of someone in a cast or crutches often makes it easier to send a “Hope you feel better soon” when we see that, but let’s not wait for visual cues to bring out our shiniest, most sparkling love and care for one another. 

So often we cannot tell who walks among us at the store or on the street who has MS, Lyme Disease, Chronic Fatigue, crashed out adrenals or kidneys, or even cancer. There are some very “bright lights” with cancer that you wouldn’t even know until they announce they are starting a healing regimen. There are people who’ve endured the most unspeakable emotional or physical abuse and still carry those deep, invisible wounds. 

I had an experience recently that’s a great example of how we cannot possibly know another’s experience without jumping in their body. A friend of mine works at a floral shop where I was getting flowers the other day for our Soul Gathering. I requested that more purple ones (of course!) be added into the mixed bouquet I was picking up, and he said, “You’ll have to help me out…I’m colorblind and can’t tell blue from purple.” I did not know that. That was great information to have, and a lovely reminder that even though it may appear that we have eyes, they don’t all see things the same way! It’s also a beautiful reminder that when someone doesn’t seem to have something – there is someone else who does, and we can all help one another. There is nothing missing when all is One!

Can we look out across the sea of humanity and relate to each other’s humanness – we’ve all been bruised and hurt, disappointed, confused, or elated, jubilant, and blissed in life. We all want to be happy, healthy, abundant, and free. The rest is all a matter of perspective and quite often, egocentric or creative interpretation. There’s nothing inherently wrong with that, but let us not confuse that with Truth.

Let us applaud ourselves for however we look, however we are showing up, and know that the Divine hasn’t left out a single detail in our perfection. However we, or anyone else looks or feels in any given moment, can we celebrate all the moments that have led to this, and remember, as Matt Kahn says, “We all deserve more love, not less.” 

Love & blessings for all of us,
Julie Dittmar

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