Throughout the “Polishing” of Our Heart, Love Remains

Sometimes the ego lashes out in judgments, accusations of wrong-doing, claiming the injustice of it all, but when really if seen clearly – it's a misunderstanding that is confusing "I'm not being heard by you" with not getting its way.

In the awakening of consciousness, the unraveling of the ego can show up in subtle ways, in life-smashing ways, and everything in-between. When it's subtle and we don't recognize the piecemeal dissolution of ego at play, there can be an impulse to unknowingly turn away from the unraveling (because we don't know it is happening!), or to get more stirred up and unconsciously look around the landscape of life for someone to project the blame upon for any level of personal discomfort. "Gee, I don't know why I feel like crap today, let me take someone else down with me" to see if that feels better kind of subconscious pattern.

Can we, instead, turn right into and face directly what in us is feeling stirred, conflicted, falling apart, messy, righteous, angry, victimized, broken, depressed, apathetic, or even is the part that tries to threaten to extinguish itself (suicidal thoughts/feelings). In the waking up out of ego, it sometimes will get extra crafty to not get "fired from its job" and act like it's going to "do you a favor" and offer to stop the ego by killing itself.
All this will pass. All this WILL smooth out. All the edges of the rocks get polished with the tides. We all know so many who can't take any more of the "polishing," right? How can we experience more ease, grace, and effortless flow with less bashing against the rocks (of self and others), though??

Love in you whatever arises...the one in you who feels or thinks this or that no matter how seemingly light, dark, or "yours or mine." Love it all without question. Just like little children knocking on your door....some will be super soft and cuddly and sweet, and others might be hopped up on a little too much sugar and mania, or have mud all over them. Love them all no matter how they show up.

Breathe – deeply, slowly, with awareness – often. It's super helpful to meditate 10-15 mins. 2x a day. Consciously S-L-O-W down. So many of us are moving so fast in so many directions that we are truly missing the gifts right in front of us. Choose a meaningful chant for this part of the journey that feels good in your body and chant – all day! Spend time outdoors, in community, time with friends, go people watching at a park and bless everyone who comes into your awareness with all that you wish to manifest in your reality, play with children, pet dogs, eat ice cream. Draw, paint, sing, dance, hug, and smile. Give, share, compliment, and love. What is opening and loving for your heart blesses all hearts in existence.

Unconditional love is just that – love without conditions, preferences, reasons, time, no negotiations, no agendas, not bound by anything. Can I love the you who shows up before me, no matter what? No matter what you say, how unconsciously you act, how crafty and clever your ego is in its manipulation, can I just stand here and love you?

Really, truly, what else matters in this life? All other details of who said what or did this or that falls into the background, and goes out with the tide.... and love remains – quiet, still, strong, and smiling.

Love & blessings no matter what,
Julie Dittmar