Pushing Daisies Shows Love Beyond All Barriers

Written April 15, 2018

Wow! Okay, so it only took me "11 years, 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, and 2 minutes” to discover this particular visually stunning work of art on the planet, called "Pushing Daisies."I'm 12 episodes into this show that originally aired 2007-2009. THIS is the result of how beautifully creative we humans can be when we come together to co-create magic.The…

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Having a Fun Mercury Retrograde Yet?

Written April 3, 2018

How is Mercury Retrograde going for you????!! I am just coming up for air here. This has certainly been one of the hardest, most challenging weeks of my entire life.I've been out sick for three weeks with an upper respiratory virus that has been clobbering my lungs. Loving myself through that. I'm simultaneously going through deep hurt and betrayal…

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Not Time to Shut Up!

Written March 25, 2018

I recently had a very spiritually educated person tell me rather sharply that I “just needed to shut my mouth” as I was speaking about what was true for me in my experience of life.Matt and I have spoken for years about sometimes it’s not time for spiritual teachings, sayings, and ego policing, but rather, it’s time to put them into action through listening…

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Circulate Energy and Get Out of the Box!

Written March 12, 2018

We stagnate when we stay in a box of safe, the known, and the comfortable. Today I held a reptile for the first time. Meet Mario, the 20 year-old iguana on the Yelapa, Mexico beach. I’ve done enough “work on myself” over the years to be able to hold him and not have it be a big deal. Of course, it helped that an 8 year-old held him before me! If she…

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Stop, Pause, and Breathe

Written February 28, 2018

Do you remember "Stop, drop, and roll" from elementary school? It's a fire safety technique taught to children to put out a fire.We might do well to have a version of that in the spiritual journey as well. "Stop, pause, and breathe" to douse the fire of the mind and calm the inflammation of ego.When the mind is swirling, worrying, and wondering, and…

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