The Negativity Monster

Written May 14, 2018

The insidious negativity monster says, “Feed me.” It longs to be seen, heard, and expressed, vs. repressed. When super active, it can hardly go a moment without being fed by the sharing of a negative comment, criticism, or hopelessness. It turns on others just as easily as it does itself. “That makes me so mad (sad, angry….).That pisses me off.I hate…

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This Moment is Ultimately Perfect

Written May 12, 2018

As quiet or noisy as this moment is....As full or as empty....As light or as dark.....As clear or as confusing.......As liked or disliked.....As promised or not.....As comfortable or uncomfortable....As happy or sad....This moment is ultimately perfect for our journey, just as it is.Taking a moment to notice and appreciate this moment just as it is…

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Friends in All Forms

Written May 9, 2018

Some days it can feel like sitting on the set of the "Friends" sitcom and wondering where all your friends are?? Friends are all around us -- known and unknown. Sometimes our friends are busy across town or around the world, but they are thinking of us, as we think of them.Sometimes there are friends we haven't met yet, but who are about to enter the…

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Pushing Daisies Shows Love Beyond All Barriers

Written April 15, 2018

Wow! Okay, so it only took me "11 years, 2 weeks, 2 days, 2 hours, and 2 minutes” to discover this particular visually stunning work of art on the planet, called "Pushing Daisies."I'm 12 episodes into this show that originally aired 2007-2009. THIS is the result of how beautifully creative we humans can be when we come together to co-create magic.The…

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Having a Fun Mercury Retrograde Yet?

Written April 3, 2018

How is Mercury Retrograde going for you????!! I am just coming up for air here. This has certainly been one of the hardest, most challenging weeks of my entire life.I've been out sick for three weeks with an upper respiratory virus that has been clobbering my lungs. Loving myself through that. I'm simultaneously going through deep hurt and betrayal…

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