Anchoring What You Want to See More of in Your Life

Written August 15, 2015

Time spent blaming, finger-pointing, getting frustrated with things not being a certain way ("my" way), stressing out over life's details, stuffing down feelings (or eating them, for that matter), or trying to control a specific outcome is time spent when we could be affirming and anchoring the opposite vibration in our bodies, and in the world.I affirm…

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Endless Appreciation and Blessings

Written August 8, 2015

No matter how this body feels from day-to-day, or moment-to-moment, or even with the comings and goings of emotions – like clouds across the sky – there are always things to appreciate and bless. May I be grateful for sunshine and moonbeams. May I appreciate each breath that fills my lungs. May I be grateful for the blessings of healthy foods to…

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You Know What Will Release You

Written August 3, 2015

Do you want to complain about life, or enjoy living it? Do you want to see everything in your reality as "in your way", or as a gift here to evolve your soul's journey? Do you want to hang onto believing life is "out to get you," or be grateful for the large and seemingly small ways the Universe supports you? Do you want to be right, or do you want…

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Every Moment is a New Reality

Written July 31, 2015

In each moment – each breath, each blink of an eye, we begin anew. We are reborn into infinite possibilities. Regardless of desired outcomes, can we just cherish this moment, our in and out breath, and the beloveds around us? Can we bow in gratitude to the sun, the moon, a flower, a tree....the rivers, the valleys, the buzzing bees....You are free to…

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Just Have a Good Poop, Will Ya?!

Written July 16, 2015

Bless us all and our busy minds, we can overcomplicate things. When our nervous systems get overstimulated in the do-do-do of our day; we can find comfort in returning to the simplicity of life.Sometimes what can provide us the simplest relief from out of control emotions in ourselves, or weathering the storms of someone else’s energetic outburst, can…

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