Everything Is a Gift, and Is Here to Serve You

Written August 23, 2015

If your mantra is “Why me?” “Why can’t you do ________ (fill in the blank) more to my liking?,” "I think you need to do this," maybe it’s time to adopt something else that feels better in your body. Instead of living an insufferable life with a pile of personal preferences in a reality where everything seems to fall short and never measure up, and…

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We Cannot See with Our Eyes Another’s Invisible Journey

Written August 17, 2015

Sometimes, a way of showing compassion for someone’s journey is to just listen and be curious about their experience. How often we do not truly know what others are thinking or feeling. The super-duper empaths and intuitives are able to do that quite skillfully by reading thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns, but for others still honing their intuitive…

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Anchoring What You Want to See More of in Your Life

Written August 15, 2015

Time spent blaming, finger-pointing, getting frustrated with things not being a certain way ("my" way), stressing out over life's details, stuffing down feelings (or eating them, for that matter), or trying to control a specific outcome is time spent when we could be affirming and anchoring the opposite vibration in our bodies, and in the world.I affirm…

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Endless Appreciation and Blessings

Written August 8, 2015

No matter how this body feels from day-to-day, or moment-to-moment, or even with the comings and goings of emotions – like clouds across the sky – there are always things to appreciate and bless. May I be grateful for sunshine and moonbeams. May I appreciate each breath that fills my lungs. May I be grateful for the blessings of healthy foods to…

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You Know What Will Release You

Written August 3, 2015

Do you want to complain about life, or enjoy living it? Do you want to see everything in your reality as "in your way", or as a gift here to evolve your soul's journey? Do you want to hang onto believing life is "out to get you," or be grateful for the large and seemingly small ways the Universe supports you? Do you want to be right, or do you want…

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