Happy New Year Poem

Written January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!Everything to love, nothing to fear.Taking a breath and loving what's here.The past is the past, this new moment is clear.Here's a toast to you, a glass of good cheer,With abundant blessings to you, my dear.

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Saying “Baaaa” to Counting Sheep

Written August 26, 2015

When sleeplessness stirs the body and the mind – what to do? When lack of sleep prompts the mind to go gather more questions, worry about more things, and feels stressful to an already overstimulated nervous system, it is a call into the inner ashram of our heart.Sometimes we feel like there isn't even a lamp to light the way into the far reaches of…

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Love Just for the Sake of Love

Written August 25, 2015

When loving your own heart, when your own innocence is the focus, you may naturally find that your questions, concerns, and speculation about what other people are doing, saying, or thinking – dissolve. When you are clear in your heart, you see a world that is clear. It literally just "happens." There is a falling away of our bunny rabbit hoppity thinking,…

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Everything Is a Gift, and Is Here to Serve You

Written August 23, 2015

If your mantra is “Why me?” “Why can’t you do ________ (fill in the blank) more to my liking?,” "I think you need to do this," maybe it’s time to adopt something else that feels better in your body. Instead of living an insufferable life with a pile of personal preferences in a reality where everything seems to fall short and never measure up, and…

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We Cannot See with Our Eyes Another’s Invisible Journey

Written August 17, 2015

Sometimes, a way of showing compassion for someone’s journey is to just listen and be curious about their experience. How often we do not truly know what others are thinking or feeling. The super-duper empaths and intuitives are able to do that quite skillfully by reading thoughts, emotions, and energy patterns, but for others still honing their intuitive…

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