Written July 18, 2016

(excerpt from the Angel Academy 6 series) I am the sun, the moon, the sea, the rain. I am the happiness, I am the pain. I am the all – the everything, I am the song I wish to sing. I am the light of hope in a child’s eyes, I am the dark and stormy, swirling skies. I am the boredom, I am the doubt, I am the whisper, I am the shout. I am the…

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Not Getting What We Want From Life

Written May 23, 2016

Unconditional love doesn't say, "I only love you if you give me what I want." Unconditional love doesn't say, "I only think you are a loving person of integrity if you meet my needs, wants, desires, and demands." Unconditional love says, I love no matter what. If I think I do not see love in the landscape of life, then I am the one who brings it! No…

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Empowered Choices for Our Health

Written May 18, 2016

Gone is the day and age of unconsciously giving our power away to healthcare practitioners and doctors for what is best for our body. We can love and appreciate them and their expertise and care, while we follow the wisdom of our own heart. So often I hear “They put me on this medication.” “They told me to do this or that, and I’m doing it even though…

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Shadows and Light

Written April 12, 2016

I have seen the darkness that you know ever so well.I have known the depths of your living hell.I have felt the desperation and the pain that you feel,While sincerely just wanting to smile and to finally heal.I have cried your salty tears,And lived your growing fears.I know the aloneness you hide so silently and so deep,While lashing out in “unfairness!”…

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Giving the “Benefit of the Doubt”

Written February 11, 2016

This blog post was prompted by Matt Kahn’s quote, “If the world stopped for just one moment, and gave everyone the benefit of the doubt, global peace would be attained.” In this particular life and body, you have so many minutes, hours, years, and energy to live as spirit in human form. So why not use that energy to love everyone and give them the…

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