The Soul Knows How to Speak to Us

Written July 29, 2017

You're never "too old" or "too young" for anything! I had a spontaneous remembrance today of growing up being told by people all the time "you're too young to be listening to that music." I laughed. I was way into "classic radio." My first few jobs were as a DJ at classic radio stations. People didn't understand how a teenager could appreciate music…

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We Are All Artists

Written July 14, 2017

We are all artists. We put our “blank canvas” out there every day and everyone projects upon it. Post a photo, say some words, wear some clothes, brush your hair or don’t brush your hair and the world will tell you how it perceives. We are all artists - infinitely creative beings. An artist doesn’t let the critics determine its brushstrokes. The artist…

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We Are Free

Written July 3, 2017

It's funny the things in life that free us. What can look like something hurting and taking from us, can really just be the saw that cuts through our shackles that have bound us in comfort and confined us to that small place that gets afraid of pursuing our soul's highest calling and dreams. What if we ask: What if this isn't here to hurt me, but…

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Life is a Vision Quest

Written June 28, 2017

LIFE is the ultimate vision quest that unfailingly does its job so well -- bringing us home to the deepest truths in the Universe. We are always walking with ourselves even as the landscape of our reality appears to change. People, places, things -- all arise, subside, and shift over time. We, however, are our steadiest companion in Truth. Be WILLING…

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Loving Support for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness - Part 2

Written June 7, 2017

(PART 2, a continuation from the blog post on ”Loving Support for Those Experiencing Chronic Illness - Part 1.” Much of this also applies to ascension symptoms, kundalini awakening, and the death of the ego)Feeling chronically, relentlessly unwell day-to-day, month-to-month, year-to-year can bring up a host of fears that trigger the deepest most primal…

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