Written October 5, 2017

Shocked. Stunned. Heartbroken. Again? Worse than ever? Whaaat?! It’s okay to feel all of that and more when we see something in life like the mass shootings in Las Vegas. Grief, fear, anger, confusion, hopelessness, helplessness. And also hopefulness, inspiration, helpfulness, kindness, and love. How do we process it all? We may find ourselves feeling…

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The Journey of Friendship Through Times of Great Change

Written October 1, 2017

Thank you Creator for adversity, challenges, turmoil, pain, uncertainty, fears, and for polishing this heart as a diamond like no other. Life change. It’s an amazing activator, purifier, and cleanser. It’s a restart button. It’s an opportunity to gain even greater clarity on your life journey. In the times of big illness, sudden loss, death, or change…

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When Your Bright Light Triggers Others

Written September 18, 2017

In the grandest, most cosmic sense in the Universe, no right, no wrong, just choices to choose in any given moment. What to do when your bright light triggers the unresolved shadow in others to rise to the surface? Well, you can choose to try to dim your light, adjust it down to make it more pleasing and comfortable for others. You can turn it off…

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Love is Seen and Felt Everywhere When It Is In My Heart

Written August 31, 2017

I trust life. I trust in the Universe’s timing and wisdom. My heart is full of love. I find the beloved in all around me. On a visit to Sauvie Island (outside of Portland, OR) over the weekend, I deepened into love as I looked at a sunflower against the brilliant blue sky. I fell in love with each sweet bee, peach, dog, cow, child, and the woman with…

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Be the Best Earth Ambassador Ever

Written August 15, 2017

So much coming to the forefront right now. So much getting healed. Powerful eclipse energies and Mercury is retrograde. Whew, that alone is a lot energetically, right? I'm hearing from so many of you who are personally having old childhood wounds and relationship communication issues come up for deeper resolve. That's in addition, of course, to what…

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