Heartfelt Terms of Endearment

Written February 5, 2018

Sincere terms of endearment. Sweet words of vibrational goodness....may they be like honey; like nectar on the lips of the Divine in form. May we speak them to ourselves and others as loving encouragement and support. May we speak them to acknowledge, feel, and connect with the hearts of those around us."Oh honey bunny, I'm so sorry." "Oh sweetness,…

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We Are All Heroes

Written January 31, 2018

By dictionary definition, a hero is “A person who is admired or idealized for courage, outstanding achievements, or noble qualities.” I think we ALL are heroes in our own lives, and in the lives of others. It takes courage to incarnate onto the planet at this time and to live a life full-on. It takes courage to have children, to move to new places,…

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Conscious Communication in Dating

Written January 17, 2018

We all deserve more love, not less. Every single one of us....on all sides of all experiences.Many of you know as talked about in previous posts, that with the recent changes in True Divine Nature (and more on the way) and being off the road from travels for a time, I have had some delicious, much deserved and cherished time for rest and renewal to…

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Time to Say Yes to Life

Written January 10, 2018

So, when life gives you what you have been secretly or even boldly, openly asking for this year, are you going to be crazy enough to open yourself up even wider than ever before, leap, jump, bound, take "the risk," live like there's no tomorrow, and SAY YES TO IT???? Or are you going to say, "No, not yet Universe, I'm not quite ready, worthy, or it's…

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Our Endless Capacity to Love Again

Written January 8, 2018

I just wrote this (long!) text to a friend and intuitively felt it might be relevant to you or someone else you know, as well. Here you go, friend:You are a beautiful human being who deserves to give and receive more love. I will never see you any other way.Life is here to offer you gifts at every turn. Sometimes we just need to stop, slow, breathe,…

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